Leaf Guards


Leaf guard systems secure a total physical barrier to leaves falling into the gutter. Any that settle on top of the system is mainly blown off, even wet ones as they dry. Moss is shown to roll directly over the section, or if wet, again will be blown off when dried. Smaller leaves and pine needle are washed over the section, generally failing to adhere to the curved front section.

Some small parts of leaves, lichen, soil or tile dust may be left in suspension in the rain and may follow the curve into the gutter. In this event, it has been demonstrated that any debris small enough to be held in suspension will be flushed away once in the gutter with the normal flow of water.

Leaf guard products

There are many Leaf guards products currently available to keep your gutters from getting blocked and maintaining flow, including Eavestrough Leaf Brush, Eavestrough Leaf Guard and Eavestrough Grid.

Eavestrough Brush

The Eavestrough Guards Brush is made of a wire core interwoven with bristles that are designed to keep leaves, moss and other debris out of the Eavestrough. It is also very easy to install, in fact it was the easier than any other product on the market.

Mesh leaf guards

This is a product which is very popular with homeowners and fans who are not afraid of heights. It is made from plastic and is best described as a “mesh”.

Gutter Grid

The Eavestrough guards Grid is a pretty strong and firm Eavestrough leaf guard that can withstand considerable weight placed on top of it, it will not collapse into the gutter like some other products. Read more here.


Will a Leaf Guard handle a heavy rain?

Well, all types of leafguards reduce water flow. Eavestrough Guards Brush are a little bit more problematic since they fill up most of the space in the gutter.

In what lengths do LeafGuards come?

Any length you want. Most of them are custom made and seamless to custom lengths at your home or other job site.

Is my roof too steep for the Leaf Guards system?

No. Leaf Guards system works well no matter the pitch of your roof. In fact, the steeper the roof, the better the performance.